Project Coordinator Internship

2023, August 19
Project Coordinator Internship 19th August 2023

Venture Education empowers education in China. Headquartered in Beijing, Venture is an award-winning consultancy with a diverse team of innovative educators, researchers, business specialists and project leaders. We improve global education through sharing best practice, partnering leading organisations and developing creative new approaches.


Your job as Project Coordinator is to collaborate with Venture’s membership team across a number of diverse projects that support our subscribers and empower education organisations in China.


Responsibilities include (but not limited to):


  • Maintaining a positive WeChat community of over 800 people
  • Researching and collating material for informative guides on education
  • Locating and contacting industry leaders to host online workshops
  • Producing promotional campaigns to accompany Venture’s reports
  • Maintaining the upkeep of our website and social media accounts
  • Working with designers to produce subscription material for our clients
  • Copyediting Venture’s publications with a high-level of accuracy
  • Brainstorming inventive ways to encourage community engagemnt
  • Providing support to the Membership Manager at client meetings


Key requirements for the role:


  • A fluent command of English
  • A strong work ethic and willingness to see tasks through to completion
  • Strong community values and the ability to connect with people
  • The ability to juggle priorities and work on multiple projects at once
  • Understanding of key Microsoft office suite programs (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and online elements (Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook)
  • A strategic mind that can come up with inventive solutions to clients’ concerns


Attributes that would give a candidate an edge:


  • Technical understanding of common website design platforms like Wix
  • Experience organizing events and working with venues and vendors
  • Experience translating business English and Mandarin
  • Experience working in and with foreign companies
  • Design experience with graphics tools like InDesign and Publisher
  • Understanding of CRM such as “Hubspot”


What will you get out of the role?


  • An incredibly solid grounding in an innovative consultancy company
  • Engaging with a diverse, hardworking, knowledgeable, caring team
  • Opportunities to develop in various different parts of the organization
  • Ongoing professional development and company events
  • The ability to mold your internship to your own career goals such as involvement with the research, sales or design teams, as desired


Reporting to: Membership Manager

Schedule: 9am-6pm; Monday to Friday

Period: Minimum 3 Months

Salary: 150RMB per working day

Location: Dongdaqiao Subway Station



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